Wednesday, January 14, 2009

do now:1-14-09


This class was really cool. I especially liked whenever we practiced for tests on Quia, rags to riches, and techconnect. I also liked that we had the choice of decorating our assignments which ever way we wanted to. Another thing I really liked is that you gave us a schedule so that we could know what to do and what to expect the day after. Some things I didn't like about the class was that sometimes we were learning a new unit and the instructions weren't always clear. That caused a lot of students to be in the black hole of darkness. Another thing I didn't like was that sometimes when you posted on you blog there were a lot of assignments and you said to do something then another thing and another, that really confused me.I have learned how to create websites and how to sign up for websites. I recommend you do all of the newsletters again because those were my favorite assignments. The newsletters got to be decorated any way hat I wanted to and that was the best part.I also really enjoyed playing tha game play4traffic. I suggest that you do more newsletters.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Playing rags to riches helps me prepare for the exam because many of the subjects and questions are on the test.
When you miss a question you have to start over again but it makes you memorize the question and answer.
It helps me prepare for exams because sometimes I have a lot of homework and I don't study as much as I want to and the game is quick fun and interesting.
Most of my tests I've gotten an excellent grade on them because rags to riches helped me memorize the material.
Rags to riches is the best study habit I've ever had

Monday, January 12, 2009